Lunettes 100% Speedtrap Sagan Le
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Lunettes 100% Speedtrap Sagan Le

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Peter Sagan and 100% present an innovative tone-on-tone collection featuring a unique metallic bold blue topaz. More often seen in auto racing, the matte metallic finish helps accentuate design lines and racing curves by defining shadows. This special finish adds a unique metallic luster - a not-so-subtle reminder of Peter and 100%’s shared racing DNA.

The frame coloration is complemented with a new Blue Topaz Multilayer Mirror lens; designed to bring out unique colors and contrast. The multilayer mirror lens offers added protection while blending seamlessly with the metallic blue frame color.

Designed carefully to represent Peter’s unique personality and vibrant racing style, the always inspiring Peter Sagan Limited Edition Collection is offered in limited quantities.

- Blue Topaz lens: Filter Category 3, Light Transmission 11%
- Included Clear Lens: Filter Category 0, Light Transmission 93%
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