35 en

Pignon sur roues is 35 years old!  (Not a) Time to celebrate

December 5 2020 will mark our 35th anniversary. And we are very proud to reach that milestone

However, we are not going to celebrate.  Not because gatherings are forbidden, but out of respect and compassion for all the businesses and artisans who are trying to survive in these unspeakable times. For these reasons, we choose not to celebrate.

We are among those businesses that have been fortunate enough to be favoured by the pandemic.  More people have felt the need to move around, to commute by avoiding public transit, to substitute travel with various sports activities such as cycling.  This change grew to such an extent that we ran out of certain products (and personnel resources) to adequately meet the demand, a situation that still prevails today.  The challenge of what's to come next promises to be great, but we feel fortunate and privileged to be offered this opportunity.

On this important day for Pignon sur roues, our thoughts are with the owners and staff of the restaurants, hotels, cultural scene, bars and all other businesses affected by the restrictions put in place by the Public Health Department.  We invite you, to the best of your ability, to encourage these businesses and support these creators so that they can resume and continue their activities which benefit us all.

We therefore mark our 35th anniversary by thanking from the bottom of our hearts our loyal, yet stimulating and inspiring clientele, as well as our staff, past and present, who are dedicated, committed and, above all, ultra-competent. We would also like to thank the members of our families who have supported and helped us in every conceivable way over the years. Running an independent and human-sized local business has required sacrifices from our loved ones for which we will be forever grateful.  Pride and a sense of a certain duty accomplished with regard to the road travelled should not diminish their contribution.

In wishing that the habits of new active transportation enthusiasts will remain, the entire Pignon sur roues  team, well on its way to a new stage, will make it a duty and a pleasure to make them contagious.

Let us be united in action while remaining prudent and caring.


Patrice Lalonde

Sylvain Lalonde