Open cycles

Founded in 2012 Open Cycles manufactures high quality frames dedicated to people looking for a new way of living their passion for cycling. 

Open bikes are made so you can ride your bike anywhere, without constraints and are conceived in such a way that they will stay reliable whatever you throw at them.

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Open Cycles UP frame 1170x325

Open Cycles UPPER frame 1170x325

Open Cycles wide frame 1170x325

Open Cycles mind frame 1170x325


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Open gallery 1170x242


Garneau Garibaldi F4
  • $1,234.99
    25% discount
  • Qty avail.: 1
Open W.I.D.E. X Chris King Limited Edition Frameset
  • $5,500.00
  • Qty avail.: 1
Open U.P. Frameset
  • $3,999.00
  • Qty avail.: 1
Opus Horizon Al 105 / Grx
  • $2,439.99
    26% discount
  • Qty avail.: 0